Søren Barlebo Rasmussen


Søren has been in charge of various public and private boards of Directors and has led the Danish Accreditation Institution for six years while also working as an independent consultant since 2007. He has often been the Chairman, or a member, of various think tanks and committees under the Danish ministries and different interest groups. He holds a Master of Science in Business Administration and Computer Science and a Ph.d. in Research Management from Copenhagen Business School (CBS). His dissertation was about quality and leadership in professional environments. Furthermore, he has been Headof Department and Dean at CBS. As a supplement to this, he has taken a leadership education from Harvard University.
Søren is now the Managing Partner of Mobilize Strategy Consulting A/S, a management consulting company that was established in August 2015.
Søren primarily works with strategic, organisational, and leadership development in policy-driven professional organisations, where knowledge, research, and professional development have a big role. His competences are within the areas of public leadership, leading policy-driven organisations, strategic leadership, change management, and hospital, university, and research management.