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At CBS Executive, we know that todays' leaders face unprecedented challenges. Relying on business as usual just won’t cut it anymore. We emphasize the importance of embracing change and cultivating mindsets of continuous growth. 

Standing on a foundation of pioneering research and industry experts, we move beyond abstract academic thought, translating it into practical knowledge. At CBS Executive, we provide best-in-class lifelong learning opportunities for executives and organizations through our dynamic and unique program portfolio. Equipping leaders and organizations with the perspectives and tools to stay relevant, our ambition is to become The Nordic Lighthouse for Excellent Executive Education.

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Strategic topics

Take a look at the long-term strategic topics CBS Executive is investing in

  • Sustainable leadership

    What is at the top of the Sustainable Leadership Agenda in 2024? Leaders must rethink what a business is and how it drives change in the world.

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  • Future of work

    What are the forces shaping the Future of Work? Since the pandemic the nature of work has changed significantly.

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  • Tech leadership

    Are you ready to stay ahead of the digital curve? Dive into an enlightening interview with Harvard Professor Mark Desposito

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New program

Sustainable Leadership & Transformation - new

Management & LeadershipTo Be Announced
10 days

New Sustainable Leadership and Transformation program will be launched in 2024. 

Download pdf to learn more about the purpose and learning objectives.

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02/ 0402/ 04

Quotes from our alumni

  • Rikke Lilienthal
  • Søren Brunak
  • Somdeep Sen
  • Birgitte Sørensen

Søren Brunak

Professor, Novo Nordisk Foundation Center for Protein Research, Faculty - Faculty on Digital Health Innovation

“I hope that the healthcare industry will catch up on the possibilities that these technological breakthroughs offer by providing solutions, inventions, devices, processes etc. for the sake of better treatments and health."

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