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CBS Executive Fonden

Founded in 1991, CBS Executive Foundation designs and runs a diverse catalog of executive non-degree programs for leaders, board leaders and organisations available in both Danish and English whereas Copenhagen Business School runs the executive degree programs as follows:

CBS MBA Programmes
CBS HD-uddannelserne
CBS Master Programmes

Rooted in the academic principles of Copenhagen Business School, as a foundation we are committed to meeting high academic standards across all of courses and creating sustainable leadership practices through our transformative learning experiences.


CBS Executive Fonden has professional board members with strong business profiles and relevant competencies setting the direction for the development of CBS Executive Fonden


The Foundation follows the Recommendations on Foundation Governance. Statutory report on foundation governance, cf. section 77a of the Danish Financial Statements Act


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Quotes from our alumni

  • Rikke Lilienthal
  • Søren Brunak
  • Somdeep Sen
  • Birgitte Sørensen

Søren Brunak

Professor, Novo Nordisk Foundation Center for Protein Research, Faculty - Faculty on Digital Health Innovation

“I hope that the healthcare industry will catch up on the possibilities that these technological breakthroughs offer by providing solutions, inventions, devices, processes etc. for the sake of better treatments and health."

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