Morten Albæk


Morten Albæk has a master’s degree in history and philosophy, has been an adjunct professor of philosophy at Aalborg University for more than 10 years and is the founder of the consulting company Voluntas.

Morten Albæk started his career at Danske Bank, where he ended up as Senior Vice President for Idea Development and Innovation, before becoming Chief Marketing Officer and member of the Executive Committee at Vestas. He is the first and only Dane to have been voted and highlighted 5 times by the renowned American magazine “The Internationalist” as one of the most innovative marketing leaders in the world.

Morten Albæk is the author of several bestsellers, including “Generation fucked up?” and “The Average Man” and in October 2018 he published his fourth book “One Life: How we forgot to live meaningful lives”, which since its release has been at the top of the bestseller lists and was published internationally in October 2019.