PhD Fellow, CBS

Christina Kjær


Christina is a Ph.D. fellow in sustainable investing and corporate scandals at Center for Corporate Governance at Copenhagen Business School. She has 6+ years of proven record in top performing positions within the life science sector, including investor relations management, strategy, ESG investors, business development, commercial strategy and mgmt. consulting

Her favorite fairytale is The Emperor’s New Clothes for the very reason that she believes it is often easier – though not right – to follow the crowd and pretend than to question status quo. Questioning status quo is especially important in a time where companies more than ever invest in impact and sustainability, while at the same time corporate scandals are on the rise, and scholars call for action to solve the crisis of trust in corporations (Mayer, 2021).

To address this, she has taken her scandal interest into the age of sustainability and impact. With the burning platform of understanding the complex phenomenon of corporate scandals in the current business environment, she contributes to the academic literature in the field of management and corporate governance through a comprehensive mixed-method approach consisting of quantitative, qualitative and theoretical methods.

Investigating why the corporate governance system fails us has followed Christina for two decades. Already at her Master’s studies she began investigating topics like the role of the CDO’s in the financial crisis, corporate governance learnings from Lehman Brothers, as well as the Enron scandal in a context of intangibles management.

Her specialties are Life Science, responsible business, c-suite, ethical leadership and corporate scandals.