Start date 20 Nov 2023
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Industrial PHD Course - Fall 2023

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Purpose of the Industrial Ph.d course

The overall aim of the course is dressing the Industrial PhD students to take on the role of Business Researcher and ensuring your business impact during and after the study. The course's goals are as follows:

  • That the Industrial PhD student acquires practical and theoretical tools for managing a research project that runs across academic cultures and business cultures and often does not have a clear hierarchical structure
  • That the Industrial PhD student gets the tools to engage in academic and commercial environments and get the best of both.
  • That the Industrial PhD student receives tools to translate own and other research into innovation and business value.
  • That the PhD student acquires an understanding of his/her potential impact as a business researcher and the impact of the project in both an enterprise as well as social perspective and also is able to act in relation to it.
  • That the Industrial PhD student creates a professional and social network with other Industrial PhD students.
  • The course is rated to 5 ECTS credits and is mandatory for all approved Industrial PhD students. The course consists of two * two full days, which is consisting of Kick Off and 3 modules. The very first day - Kick Off - is mandatory for supervisors as well.
  • The student thus participates in kick off + three modules over a 6 month period from the start of the Business PhD project. The first gathering - Kick Off and module 1 - takes place in outer Copenhagen, and includes accomodation for the PhD Students. The second gathering will take place in Middelfart, and also includes accomodation for the PhD Students.

The Industrial PhD course and its content is designed for you, as a student, to follow at the start of your Industrial PhD education, and you will make the most of the course by participating early in your project. We therefore encourage you to sign up for the first coming course after your project start. The course will help you prepare for your role as Industrial PhD student and strengthen the special industrial researcher profile that you are about to develop.

Please note that the course is only for Industrial PhD-students funded by Innovation Fund Denmark. See course flow.

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Registration deadline:
15 Oct. 2023
Add to calendar 2023-10-15 00:00:00 2023-10-15 23:59:59 Europe/Copenhagen Industrial PHD Course The course is only for Industrial PhD-students funded by Innovation Fund Denmark. CBS-Executive CBS-Executive

Kick Off + Module 1: November 20-21, 2023

Module 2 + Module 3: April 8-9, 2024

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Industrial PHD Course

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Start date
20 Nov. 2023
DGI Byen / Severin Konferencehotel
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