Christiane Vejlø

Board Member
Christiane Vejlø

Christiane Vejlø (born 1973), CEO of Elektronista Media, is a digital trend analyst and strategy adviser, a radio host at Radio24syv as well as a sought-after keynote speaker. She is a non-executive board member of Conferize A/S.

Christiane’s knowledge of digital platforms and contents, and social media, is an essential competence when designing and delivering executive education in a digital age.

Christiane is chairing the government’s task force on data ethics, she is member of the Ministry of Industry’s Disruption Task Force as well as a member of the Innovation Fund Denmark’s InnoBooster panel of experts. Moreover Christiane is a member of the Public Service Board under the Ministry of Culture, and she was a member of the government’s Danish Disruption Council.

Christiane joined the board of CBS Executive Fonden in February 2016 as an independent non-executive director.

Annual compensation: DKK 50,000

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