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With this article we aim to showcase some of the great trends and cases that focus on different areas of Sustainable Leadership.

Anne Marie Jess Hansen



A growing number of companies have begun the journey towards a more sustainable business. We see that companies that have embraced action on environmental, social, and governance issues are thriving and outpacing their competitors. Traditional corporate social responsibility no longer cuts it – Leaders must rethink what a business is and how it drives change in the world. The economics of business as usual will not favor them, society won’t accept them, and younger generations won’t work for them (Source: HBR: The Net Positive Manifesto)

“I usually say it demands leadership, not just management when we talk about diversity & Inclusion. The difference here is very important.”
Sara Louise Muhr, Professor, CBS

Watch CBS Professsor Sara Louise Muhr explain one of the biggest trends within Sustainable Leadership In the video below.

The business case

The Kemp & Lauritzen case – Room for diversity
Kemp & Lauritzen, Denmark’s largest technical installation company with approx 2, 400 employees has begun and exciting journey towards a more inclusive and diverse culture. Kemp & Lauritzen has teamed up with CBS in an ambitious research project with the purpose of understanding inclusive leadership in practice – and measure its impact.

Throughout the next couple of years, they invest heavily in the D&I agenda contributing both to international research in D & I in the construction industry and to the employee statisfaction in the Kemp & Lauritzen organization.

Thomas Thorsøe, Human Resource Director in Kemp & Lauritzen, talks frankly about the journey towards a diverse & inclusive workplace in this video.

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