Interview with Mark Esposito on Future of Work

Professor Mark Esposito visited CBS Executive Fonden in connection with his key note at the Executive Tech Academy in September 2022. We invited him for a separate talk about his view on strategy, tech and educational perspectives.

Henrik Waitz

Program Director


When you think of the future of work, what comes to mind? Is it robots and AI taking over our jobs? STEM professionals becoming the most sought after workforce, rendering the rest of us useless? Many of us face uncertainty regarding the future workplace and what we should expect.

“How will technology shape the future of workplace? Is really a question that intrigues me a lot. I often ask myself, will we go to the office eventually? Will we have the idea of the office or will we rethink space accordingly? So first of all, I think the future workplace will be hybrid by design. Today we're learning that when people are given more autonomy, they engage much better, simply because they don't find that going to work is a compromise to other important things in life...”
Mark Esposito, Professor, Harvard, Global Thought Leader

While some jobs will significantly change and become redundant, many others will be created. Additionally, the COVID-19 crisis accelerated existing trends and caused organizations to reevaluate many aspects of work (McKinsey, Future of Work 2022). 

Thirdly, the office space becoming more of a meeting point and hub as opposed to an everyday place of work?

Harvard Professor Mark Esposito, Global Thought Leader and a global expert of the World Economic Forum, visited CBS Executive Fonden in September 2022 to lead discussions at the Executive Tech Academy. We invited him to share his views on strategy, tech and the future of workplaces.

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