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One of the world's most influential business thinkers, Gary Hamel, says that strategy is about making the future happen, not just reacting to it. Adding AI to that, senior leaders suddenly face a new tool to change the fortunes of their organizations. But AI - obviously - also has a dark side to it.

Nina Marie Ingvartsen

Program Manager


When it comes to cyber attacks, AI equips attackers with amazing capabilities. But the effects of AI in a cyber risk perspective is not only negative. In connection with the introduction the new Summer School program Cyber Security in a Risk Management Perspective, Jan Lemnitzer, Asisstant Professor, CBS, explains the following:

Cyber attacks happen every day and they are perpetrated by sophisticated state actors trying to break into the largest and best defended companies as well as cyber criminals that are organized like small businesses and they just try to make as much money as they possibly can from companies like yours.
Jan Lemnitzer, Assistant Professor, CBS

According to Forbes Top 5 Leadership Trends in 2024, leaders will likely need to enhance their technology and data literacy to make informed decisions in an increasingly digital world. Excelling in leadership now entails grasping new technologies, harnessing data for valuable insights, and ensuring robust cybersecurity practices. These facets have surged in significance, becoming essential for both individuals and organizations. The rapidly evolving technological landscape and the vast expansion of data require professionals to possess a profound understanding of digital tools and platforms along with the ability to derive meaningful insights from extensive datasets.

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In this episode, How Generative AI Changes StrategyHBR editor in chief Adi Ignatius speaks to Microsoft’s head of strategy Chris Young and Harvard Business School professor Andy Wu. They lay out the technology, its emerging value chains, and its main providers. They also break down the key choices and tradeoffs that large and small companies alike will be making in this fast-changing market.

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In Danish: Mellem Fornuft og Følelse, af Jan Damsgaard, professor, CBS

Bogen afmystificerer AI og giver masser af eksempler på, hvordan teknologien kan hjælpe virksomheder og det offentlige med sagsbehandling, HR-opgaver, diagnostik, kommunikation og meget andet, men handler også om vigtigheden af regulering, der ifølge forfatteren ikke må være så hård, at vi bremser EU-landendes muligheder for at skabe konkurrencedygtige virksomheder baseret på AI.

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