Executive Morning Brief on Sustainable Leadership - January

Executive Morning Brief on Sustainable Leadership and the Sustainable Leadership Trends in 2024.

Tobias Thaning

Community Director


Learn more about the three key questions that drive the current agenda for many companies in 2024. This Executive Morning Brief session is recorded on 16 January 2024, led by CBS Professor, Andreas Rasche, and assisted by ESG & Sustainability Services Leader at PwC Denmark, Susanne Stormer.

  1. Is your organization ready to embed the new EU regulations on ESG reporting and due diligence?

  2. Is your organization prepared to integrate digitalization and AI solutions into sustainability management?

  3. Do you have the right organizational knowledge, skills, and mindset for a successful transition?

“I think we are sitting on insights here that we know that we are on a track that is not taking us where we need to go. But at the same time, we are not really taking those actions that need to happen. And then coming back to the reporting regime, which does have some indications of what you need to do namely, to transition to a low carbon economy, to work towards a just economy. So, there are some pointers of what needs to be done. But the clarity of what good looks like is still missing.”
Susanne Stormer, ESG & Sustainability Services Leader at PwC Denmark

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