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Managing Medical Product Innovation

  • PERIOD: January - June 2017
  • PLACE: CBS Executive, Porcelænshaven 22, 2000 Frederiksberg

Managing Medical Product Innovation

International Medical Diploma Program in Strategy and Innovation.


Program content:

The medical products industry is facing unprecedented  pressure to continuously improve  performance levels. Evidence has shown that  improving innovation is one of the keys to  profitable growth. The MMPI program began in 1997 and is designed to develop innovative  thinking and improve product and process  initiatives. The learning is centered on home  company assignments.


Key outcomes:

  • Overall, how to create and implement winning business development strategies tailored to the medical sector and your company’s resource base?
  • How to create and capture new economic value through innovation?
  • How a deeper understanding of market boundaries, segmentation and positioning can contribute to value capture?
  • How to brand, manage channels and go-to-market with product portfolios to capture largest market share and minimize internal cannibalization?
  • How to manage and financially evaluate projects and when to relax or tighten resource constraints?
  • How to map and mitigate risk across project development phases?
  • How to do due diligence on in-licence and partnering opportunities?
  • How to ensure best possible odds of regulatory approval and highest subsidy by an understanding of Health Economics across development phases and geography?
  • How to motivate and lead organizational change to optimize project success?


MMPI is characterized by three things

  • focuses on product innovation and business strategy development and implementation specific to medical industry
  • brings together globally leading business faculty with medical sector expertise from Stanford University, Stern NYU, INSEAD, George Washington, UBC Vancouver, University of York, Vrije Amsterdam and several other private and public institutions
  • makes same-company participant teams develop a larger real-life business development project on which they dialogue and get feedback from the international faculty and management at home company. Projects are presented at closing presentation with a view to a following implementation at sponsor company


Particpant profile:

The program is designed for high potential,  mid- to senior-level project and line managers  in pharmaceutical, biotech and medical device  companies. It is relevant to managers from areas  as diverse as research, development, production,  finance, quality, regulation and marketing.


Duration and fee:

16 days over 4 modules, once a year from January to June.


Dates (tbc):

Module 1: 9-13 January 2017
Module 2: 6-9 March 2017
Module 3: 18-21 April 2017
Module 4: 19-21 June 2017


EUR 15,300 (DKK 114,000) per participant for a team of four

EUR 15,900 (DK 119,000)per participant for a team of three

EUR 16,500 (DKK 123,000) per participant for a team of two
- All prices are excluding VAT

Last updated: 09 January 2017