Top speakers lined up for November's motorways of the Sea Conference in Copenhagen

14. June 2018

Motorways of the Sea, the key European Union programme supporting the maritime transport component of the transport network in the vast continental community, will come into renewed focus with the launch of a major conference in Copenhagen.

Speakers scheduled to address the gathering include the environmental campaigner and former US vice-president Al Gore, and former UK deputy prime minister Lord Prescott who has made shipping a priority throughout his political life. Leading representatives of the shipping industry, port executives, legislators, commentators and academics will play a prominent role in proceedings.

Six key themes will be highlighted at the event, which takes place at Copenhagen Business School on 5 – 6 November 2018. These will be sustainability; environmental policies and their impact on the maritime sector; the use of digital tools in connectivity of ports, logistics and TEN-T networks; ship operations in terms of safety, security and traffic management; the human element – education, training and voyage and incident simulation; and strategies for the period to 2030 under the aegis of Motorways of the Sea.

TEN-T is the transport infrastructure in Europe, of which Motorways of the Sea is the maritime pillar. It comprises short-sea routes, deep-sea connections, ports, associated maritime infrastructures, equipment, facilities and administrative parameters. More than 75% of all European Union trade is transported by sea via one or more of 331 core and comprehensive ports, as identified in the TEN-T policy.

Permeating the proceedings will be questions over the ability of shipping to respond efficiently and cost-effectively to the latest and potential future demands for “greener” shipping based on reduced noxious emissions; and how data and operations can be kept secure in a volatile and threat-prone cyber matrix. Conference speakers and their audience will address the ways that blockchain, the internet of things and artificial intelligence are transforming the playbook week by week.

The conference organisers have assembled a line-up of speakers who will through practical examples enable decision-makers to benchmark their own strategies for shipping into 2030 and make valuable additions to their knowledge of developments in European shipping and beyond.

The Motorways of the Sea concept was introduced in a European Commission White Paper in 2001 with the aim that it should represent a “real competitive alternative to land transport.”

Members of the CBS Blue MBA Alumni Association attend this event free of charge. To claim your seat as an alumnus, please contact Irene Rosberg, email:

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