In order to ensure the long-term sustainability of the shipping industry, it is vital that experienced seafarers and land-based practitioners receive the necessary further training to contribute effectively to shore management and operations



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The majority of CBS Executive programmes are conducted in Danish. Please click below to see them all.
CBS Executive Shipping Programmes

A rapidly changing industry

CBS Executive Fonden has initiated a series of new executive programmes for shipping professionals. This is especially important in the maritime and logistics field, where the old ways of learning, training and of doing business have become hopelessly inadequate. Pure expertise in a narrow field can only take a person so far, and is but a small component of the skill needed for taking clear-sighted business decisions, and indeed for engaging in day-to-day practice.

Our programmes are gateways to valuable learning exposure that goes beyond the norm, through the inspiration of the international network and outlook of CBS Executive Fonden - watch our video and get inspired.

Customised shipping programmes

CBS Executive Fonden is a market leader in executive education, which has close ties throughout the international business community, and a reputation for high-level industry and tailor-made programmes, which more than 3,000 alumni from corporations around the globe can attest. CBS Executive is known for its philosophy of learning which encompasses the latest ideas, research, and collaboration with experienced members of faculty – and just as significantly for encouraging participants to learn from each other, and to apply their insights to the real world.

CBS Executive Fonden has more than 25 years’ experience when it comes to designing and delivering customised executive programmes for a number of large corporations and organisations. Such a programme will be tailored to your organisation’s exact requirements for new or improved competences. Together we will design a programme that finely balances research and relevant theory with practical experiences and useful tools relevant for maritime business managers and leaders. The objective will always be a genuine behavioural change and lasting results for your organisation. Contact Kim Pedersen for further information

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