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12. April 2018

From 30 April to 4 May 2018, CBS Executive will be hosting the 12th (and Denmark’s first) international ‘Round Tables’ workshop for experienced managers from around the world. This programme provides an opportunity for intelligent, curious managers to come together to learn from each other’s managing experience and how it happens in various contexts throughout the world. If you and your organisation are interested in hosting a short visit for a group of 3-4 international managers on 2 May from 9-12, you get a chance to be invited to breakfast on 4 May where not only Professor Mintzberg will be giving his keynote speech, but you will also get a de-brief from the visit to your organisation.

For your part, the visit to your company would involve organising a morning event on 2 May from 9-12 which would provide the guests with a view of your organisation in action. How this would be done is up to you; however, it might include:

  • Meetings with a range of managers in the company, ideally representing different hierarchical relationships
  • Observing key operational processes and talking with people who run those processes
  • Observing department meetings
  • Meetings with managers who interface through an organisational or product process

We have found that this type of event is most successful when there is a designated contact person in the organisation who is available to meet the participants when they arrive and to oversee the meeting schedule.

Programme participants would not be visiting with the aim of making recommendations or expressing views about how your organisation operates. Rather, we hope they would use the day to learn as much as possible about what is unique about the way in which things get done within your company, and what that might imply about managing more generally.

In exchange, we hope that you would enjoy talking with highly intelligent and motivated managers from around the world, and understanding more about what they have learned by observing you. To this end, we would like to invite you to an informal breakfast on Friday,4 May, as a thank you for participating, but also to give you the opportunity to meet those who visited you to find out what they learned from your organisation. During this breakfast you will also be attending a keynote session by world-renowned professor Henry Mintzberg who is part of the programme faculty.

Possible Schedule

  • Arrival, meet key contact, general overview of the company, its aims, challenges and systems
  • Observation of key processes – perhaps splitting the group to cover more.
  • Attending meetings with middle managers
  • Meeting with cross-functional teams or interfaces
  • Final meeting with key contact for questions

The visit can start as soon as you like in the morning and could end before or after lunch – often a shared meal at the end of the visit is a chance to catch some staff who have been busy all morning.

Please contact Programme Director Kim Pedersen for more information: or +452921 4034.

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