Customized programs

Every year CBS Executive designs and delivers more than 30 customized executive programs to large corporations and the public sector, and which create value for each participant, for groups of executives and for the organization as a whole

Billede af gruppearbejde på et kursus hos CBS Executive

Why opt for a customized program?

Customized programs become relevant when a large group of executives or employees from the same organisation have a desire for a joint lift of competences, a common ‘language’, a need to work on company-specific strategic projects, or when the open market for executive education does not offer what is required. By tailor-making a program, we can be focusing on your organisation and your unique challenges, cases and industry.

A customized program could also just be a half to a full day of inspiring and thought-provoking key-notes from scholars and practitioners, or a work-shop – here at our campus or at your own premises.

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How is a customized program developed?

Needs analysis - In discussions with you we start building a clear understanding of your corporation or department, the needs for competences and/or changed behaviour, and how the objective of the customised executive education will be aligned with, and contribute to, the overall direction and strategy for your company.

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Based on the needs analysis, we then develop a couple of proposals for the most optimal educational program, in line with the agreed objective and your budget. We then co-create with you the final program structure, contents and teaching methods – leading to a final and approved design.

Customized programs can stretch over short or longer periods, and they can vary between one-day sessions and 20+ days’ duration.

Billede af optagede deltagere til kursus hos CBS Executive


It will often be relevant to introduce company-specific cases, exercises and simulations – and such material will typically be developed in this phase.

In situations where we have jointly agreed that participants should work on personal projects, this will also be the time to have such identified. This goes for possible 360-degree assessments and appointment of potential mentors as well.   

Gående og smilende kursister deler ideer


At CBS Executive we deploy many different teaching methods, and we adjust these, in cooperation with you, to what will create the most value for your specific program.

Typically we will use a blend of methods – including classroom sessions or ‘flipped classroom’, workshops, action-learning groups, e-learning, case work, experiments in own practise and project work. It is not unusual either that the program is finished with an exam or a project presentation.    .

Kursister er meget optagede af et oplæg


In order to understand and ensure the impact of the customized program, and to make adjustments if deemed desirable, we will ask your participants, and you, to formally evaluate after each module – and after the final delivery.

Depending on the type of program, CBS Executive also offers to follow up with participants in the period after the program in order to assess to what extent the participants have genuinely changed behaviour and achieved results relative to the learning objectives of the program.

Please contact Stine Staffeldt, Program Director, for further information on customized programs.

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