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23. June 2017

Leading Women Mentor Programme
The Leading Women Mentor Programme connects talented women to successful senior-level executives to build strategic relationships that support leadership development and career advancement. The programme, underpinned by research on the positive impact of mentoring on women’s career aspirations, gives women tools for professional success in any career/work life context.

Mentees and mentors are strategically matched to provide a successful foundation for both parties. The mentor programme is designed by mentoring experts from CBS Executive.

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What is a mentor?
Mentorship is a relationship which encourages learning and provides a framework within which the mentees can enhance their careers and personal development.

The role of the mentor is to support, advice and to share knowledge and experiences with the mentee. The mentoring process should be based on confidentiality securing a safe environment for sharing and exploring relevant matters and concerns.

A mentor is a person who appreciates the mentee’s field of business, is more experienced than the mentee and is able to render impartial guidance and assistance in the mentee’s understanding and development of her workplace. Mentoring helps and stimulates mentees to take initiative in their own development.

Our mentors are specifically chosen for their extensive professional knowledge and experience. The people who we invite to become part of our executive mentoring network are experienced leaders (at least 10 years in management) and have a passion for developing talent and results. They are all either a member of the Steering Board behind the leadership programme “Leading Women” or part of the CBS Executive alumni network of top and senior executives.


Who is being mentored?
The mentee is participant at CBS Executives women-only leadership programme, “Leading Women”

The programme is designed for high potential managers or team leaders in public and private companies or nonprofit organisations around the world. Participants are from a wide array of industries, disciplines, managerial backgrounds, countries and cultures.


Benefits of being a mentor?

We understand that serving as a mentor is a commitment of valuable time and energy. However, opportunities as voluntary mentor at the Leading Women programme are as follows:

  • Develop “mentoring skills” that are valuable to leadership progression
  • Gain access to an extended network of professionals affiliated
  • Build relationships with an outstanding talent pool of next-generation women


Is mentoring optional?
Having a mentor is optional and the mentoring process is not a part of the programme. CBS Executive will match the mentor and the mentee, but the mentee will be responsible for contacting you as mentor in order to arrange the initial meeting.


How do I get started as a mentor?
We recommend that you spend some time reflecting on what you are able to bring into the mentorship and what you expect to gain. The relationship should be beneficial for both mentor and mentee.

Finally, you will benefit from an introductory meeting with Programme Director Louise Rygaard Jonas.


How much time does it take?
The mentorship encourages 4 meetings distributed within 6-8 months, either in person or virtually. When you meet for the first time we recommend you to agree on a set of guide lines as to dates, location, frequency and duration of the meetings.

At your initial meeting, we also suggest that you and the mentee discuss the purpose and desired outcome of your mentorship. Ultimately, the success and process of your mentorship rests on the initiative of the mentee who is encouraged to be proactive and motivated in order to make the most of this developmental opportunity.


What kind of issues may the mentee discuss with the mentor?
Your mentorship is confidential, and the mentee should have the opportunity to discuss any matter that concerns work, her professional career development and to draw on your expertise.


Being a mentor is voluntary and will not be compensated nor will travel expenses or other be refunded. Please feel free to consider other methods for communication, such as Skype or telephone meetings.


For further information, please contact Programme Lead Louise Rygaard

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