General Terms and Conditions

CBS Executive Fonden

The following terms and conditions apply when purchasing educational courses, programmes and events at, unless otherwise explicitly agreed.

Course and programme information:
The essential features of our courses and programmes are described at For additional information or questions regarding existing information, please send an e-mail to CBS Executive Fonden at

All prices include materials and catering, but exclude VAT, overnight stays and travel expenses, unless stated otherwise. CBS Executive Fonden reserves the right to change the prices and is not liable for errors and omissions.

Registration and purchase:
You can enrol at around the clock or by calling us on +45 3815 6000 during our office hours, Monday to Friday 8-17.

As a rule, your registration is personal and binding.

When enrolling, you must state your EAN No., your purchase order number or similar, if this needs to be specified on your company’s invoice. The invoice is issued shortly after enrolment.

For some online orders you may also elect to pay by credit card (in certain instances this may be compulsory). To use this option, you must be at least 18 years old and the holder of a valid payment card that we accept.

When you are ready to enrol, please enter your name, address, job title, e-mail address, telephone number and payment method, and then click either ´Go to payment´ or ´Pay later´ (in some instances only one of these options will be available).

A binding agreement between the buyer and CBS Executive Fonden has not been entered into until CBS Executive Fonden confirms the order and accepts the buyer’s offer by confirming receipt.

Deregistration and transfer:
Deregistration or transfer to another course can occur if this is done in writing via e-mail to CBS Executive Fonden at as per the guidelines below:

  • Up until registration deadline: Free of charge
  • After registration deadline: 100% of the price will be charged

If you are unable to attend the course/programme due to illness or for any other reason, a relevant colleague may take your place on the course.

In order to maintain a sufficiently high quality of our courses, we reserve the right to cancel courses. This may be the case if, for example, the number of participants on a course is deemed too low to enable the participants to gain the maximum benefit from the course.

Should this happen, we will offer a place on the next available course with the same content. If a place on a future course in not convenient, a credit note will be issued automatically for the course in question.

For purchases less than DKK 5,000, for instance for events, certain master classes and 1-day activities, your purchase is binding, and it is not possible to cancel your enrolment. Should you be unable to attend, another person may take your place. This must be notified in writing to CBS Executive Fonden by an e-mail to, before the start of the activity.

The cancellation of a course due to an extraordinary and unpredictable event (force majeure – e.g. war, civil unrest, an act of terror, general strike, epidemics, pandemics and other global health crisis) will not, in principle, result in the issuance of a credit note.

Specifically related to COVID-19:
CBS Executive Fonden adheres carefully to the instructions and guidelines from the Danish Health Authorities when planning and executing our courses, programmes and events. To meet any current health requirements, some courses may be organised as online lectures, and changes to the course composition may occur.

If the Danish Authorities tighten the COVID-19 restrictions to an extent that will prevent CBS Executive Fonden from undertaking the majority of face-to-face lectures in the intended venue, or in an alternative suitable location, whilst complying with the tightened restrictions, the course might be either postponed or cancelled. The participants will automatically be transferred to the new dates or to a similar subsequent course. If a similar subsequent course is not offered, the remaining balance of the course fee will be refunded.

If the COVID-19 restrictions are tightened after the expiry of the registration deadline, suddenly preventing a participant from a specific geographical region or country to be physically present at the course, the following rules will apply:

  • For multi-module courses, the participant might be offered the possibility of participating via an online link.
  • In the case of a non-modular course, running for one or more concurrent days, the participant will be transferred to a similar subsequent course. If a similar course is not offered, the course fee will be refunded.

If a company or organisation should decide to apply harsher restrictions than recommended by the authorities, thereby preventing a course participant from attending the course, CBS Executive Fonden is not obligated to offer an alternative course or to refund the course fee.

If a course participant falls ill and/or shows COVID-19-like symptoms, the rules related to illness, as outlined in the present General Terms and Conditions, apply, whereby the company may offer the seat to another, for the course appropriate, employee. In any event, the course fee will not be refunded, and online participation might not be offered.

Diploma/course certificate:
As a participant, you will receive a diploma or course certificate if you have been present at all the course days. In principle, no diplomas or course certificates will be issued in the absence of attendance. For certain courses exemption from this can be contemplated after agreement with the programme director.

Payment of invoice:
The full course fee is charged upon enrolment. The payment terms are 14 days from date of invoice.

It is possible to split an invoice into instalments. However, each instalment must be at least DKK 20,000. Instalment invoicing is subject to a fee of DKK 250 per invoice. One invoice can be split into a maximum of three instalments.

Missing payment:
In case of late payment, interest is charged per commenced month as well as a reminder fee of DKK 250.

Payment by card:
The card information you enter when purchasing CBS Executive Fonden’s products will be transferred via QuickPay directly to NETS in an encrypted format (SSL). In this way no one else will see or store the information about you. For purchases using Visa/Dankort or any other credit card, the amount will be charged to your account as soon as you receive confirmation from us that we have received your order.

At you can pay with Dankort, Visa and MasterCard.

Personal data:
In order to purchase at you are required to provide the following information as a minimum:

  • Name
  • Job title
  • Address
  • E-mail address
  • Telephone/mobile number

The above data will be stored together with information regarding which product(s) you have purchased for five years from the end of the financial year to which the information relates, cf. the Danish Financial Statements Act, Article 10, upon which the information will be deleted. If you are a receiver of our newsletter, the necessary data will be stored beyond the five years.

No information will be disclosed or sold to a third party, unless this is done in connection with a restructuring or whole or partial sale of the company. Any disclosure in such a situation will occur in accordance with the applicable data protection legislation.

As a customer you have the right to access the personal data we hold about you and you have the right to dispute this information pursuant to the relevant stipulations of the Danish Act on Processing of Personal Data and, in such case, by contacting CBS Executive Fonden by e-mail to

By using you accept our use of cookies. A cookie is a small data file, which we are placing on your computer to keep track of what happens during your visit and in order to recognise the computer. A cookie is not a data programme and does not contain any virus.

Subject to change:
CBS Executive Fonden reserves the right to change and update these terms and conditions. It is therefore important that you stay up to date to see if any changes have been made.

These General Terms and Conditions have been revised 8 February 2023.

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