Leading Women

Increase your influence and impact for greater succes

Increase your influence and impact for greater succes

Leading Women is a transformational leadership programme that blends personal leadership development with enriching debates about gender diversity. The programme is designed to equip women with the tools they need in order to enhance their influence and impact for greater success in their current assignments – and to manoeuvre their careers in the desired direction. The programme has 3 main focuses:

  1. Learn to work around invisible barriers 
    From a gender and leadership perspective, the programme focuses on identifying behavioural patterns and unconscious biases which sometimes are powerful, yet invisible, barriers to women’s advancement: How do these biases affect their development as leaders, and what can they do to work around them?
  2. Increase your influence
    The second focus of the programme is on the power dynamics in organisations with the purpose of inspiring the participants to navigate in their organisations, thus enhancing their business influence.
  3. Strengthen your personal leadership
    The third main theme in the programme is authentic leadership. The participants are offered a practical toolbox to strengthen their personal leadership impact when being in the spotlight. All participants will receive highly impactful tools to strengthen their authentic communication.

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