Why us?

Our success lies in creating an environment where participants are challenged to generate concrete results for themselves and their organisations

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How we work

CBS Executive Fonden connects faculty, experience, process, and passion to inspire individuals and organisations to make a profound difference. We utilise many different learning approaches and tools, all focussed on ultimately enabling individuals to own their own learning. We believe that participants anchor their learning in different ways – not just through the latest ideas, research, and consultation from experienced faculty – but also from each other. Participants learn from the real-world application of their insights.

Mand forklarer under kursus på CBS Executive

CBS Executive Fonden Education

We provide a transformative environment where participants are invited to create a lifelong commitment to their own development – taking themselves and their organisations to the next level, by turning their insights into solutions and anchoring the learning deep within.

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CBS Executive Fonden
Raavarebygningen, Porcelænshaven 22
2000 Frederiksberg
Copenhagen, Denmark

CVR 16 72 05 93
Tlf. +45 38 15 60 00
Mail info@cbs-executive.dk

CBS Executive Fonden is centrally located on Frederiksberg close to the centre of Copenhagen and easy to reach by public transportation. Parking is free on Frederiksberg for two hours. Additional time has to be purchased.

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